June 20, 2021

From the “Judge John” humor column:

“Glenn writes: My teenager Heath calls me a “boomer.” While I accept that all teenagers despise their parents, I object to the label; I was born in 1963. I grew up with stagflation, Devo and AIDS. Please order Heath to refer to my generation by its correct, dismal name: “Generation Jones.””

Judge John’s answer: “I’d never heard of “Generation Jones” before, because I have no interest in you, Grandpa. I was born in 1971! I am still young and cool, like AOL and the dismantling of welfare in the name of political triangulation! How could I know there was this new term to describe your tiny, 1954-65 economy-plus section on this sad flight to oblivion we both share? But OK, Joneser. I’ll order your teen to call you by your name. I’m sure Heath will be moved by the opinion of this 50-year-old man once you clip this print magazine article and fax it to them.”

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