July 12, 2023

“In this new world, a president should be no older than 65 – old enough to have the wisdom of age and the youth to still grasp what needs to be understood…When I was a baby boom teen, back in the 1960s, we had a saying: “Never trust anyone over 30”. A 30-year-old was seen as out of it, past it. Not relevant. Dead. Now the US is being led by us. The boomers. The elders… In the US, Generation X is considered to have been born between the beginning of 1965 and about 1980…Vice-president Kamala Harris, born in 1964, is considered Generation Jones, as in “keeping up with the Joneses”. These kids always had TV; a phone in the house. Gen X are the MTV generation; the “ET go home” folks; the latchkey kids who let themselves in after school because mom was at work.”

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