Patrick LaForge

Patrick LaForge is a very accomplished, long-time editor at The New York Times. He is the manager of more than 135 copy editors, digital producers and researchers on 11 desks and teams at The New York Times. He is the editor who recently revised that iconic “bible” for writers: The New York Times Manual of Style & Usage.

Patrick LaForge on Gen Jones:
Patrick wrote here in August 2020 about how Barack Obama, Kamala Harris, and Sarah Palin are all members of Generation Jones.

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Susan Greenberg

Susan Greenberg is a British editor who has often been called “The Editor’s Editor” because in addition to her own long distinguished career as an editor, she has emerged as one of the leading voices about the art and science of editing. She wrote the influential books Editors Talk about Editing: Insights for Readers, Writers and Publishers and A Poetics of Editing. She is widely considered to be one of the UK’s most esteemed editors.

Susan Greenberg on Gen Jones:
Susan has resisted classification as a Baby Boomer, and wrote in March 2022 in response to an article about Gen Jones: “I salute this distinction, and happily join ‘Generation Jones’.” When someone the following year referred to a “tail end boomer,” Susan immediately corrected her in February 2023: “The later period is known as ‘Generation Jones.’” She corrected another writer in April 2024 by pointing out: “Our cohort is more properly part of ‘Generation Jones’, which covers 1954-65”

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Andrew Stuttaford

Andrew Stuttaford is a globally-known and respected editor. He was born in England and was educated at Oxford there, but his career has unfolded in both the UK and the US. He has edited National Review for many years. His writing in the US has been published in The Wall Street Journal, The Weekly Standard, The New York Sun, and The Daily News.  In the UK, he has written regularly for the magazines Standpoint and Prospect.

Andrew Stuttaford on Gen Jones:
Andrew has long rejected the traditional definition of Baby Boomers and instead has embraced his identity as a GenJoneser. As he wrote in February 2022: “1946-64 is too wide a span. Woodstock? I was eleven. #GenerationJones”  Andrew wrote in July 2022 in The National Review: “I’m dating myself (again), this time, I suppose, by admitting that I still buy DVDs. That’s my Generation Jones fondness for ownership…”  In April 2023, Andrew wrote about a “Generation Jones manifesto”

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