John Quiggin

John Quiggin is an Australian economist who has been ranked in the top 5% economists in the world according to IDEAS/RePEc since its monthly aggregate rankings began in 2004. He has been honored with a long list of the most prestigious Australian and global economics academic awards. Quiggin frequently appears as a guest expert on global TV networks, like BBC.

John Quiggin on Gen Jones:
John personally identifies as part of Generation Jones, and has argued the traditional Baby Boom definition is too long. In August 2022, he wrote here: “Anything longer than 7 years makes the Generation Game (even more) nonsensical. That’s why we invented Gen Jones.” In a long article about generations which he wrote in October 2023, he observed: Then, following the suggestion of cultural commentator Jonathan Pontell, the rest of the (demographic) baby boom could be assigned to my cohort, Generation Jones. The most appealing etymology for generation Jones is the slang term “jonesing,” referring to withdrawal after a drug-induced high. As summarised by Wikipedia: “Jonesers inherited an optimistic outlook as children in the 1960s, but were then confronted with a different reality as they entered the workforce during… a long period of mass unemployment.”

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Nicki Hutley

Nicki Hutley is among Australia’s top economists and has been chosen for high-profile positions at the country’s most prestigious economist societies, including the Economics Society of Australia, and  Australian Business Economists. She has delivered keynote speeches for many major economist conferences around the world, while frequently appearing as a commentator on international TV talk shows.

Nicki Hutley on Gen Jones:
Nicki strongly identifies as a member of Gen Jones, and publicly comments about this generation. She sometimes becomes indignant when Gen Jones is overlooked, as she did here when she wrote in January 2022: “You forgot Generation Jones. Stop calling us Boomers”

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Keith Rankin

Keith Rankin has long been among New Zealand’s top economists;  known for, among his many achievements,  his widely-respected estimates of New Zealand’s GNP going back to the 1850s, and his analysis of labour supply in the Great Depression of the 1930s.

Keith Rankin on Gen Jones:
In a long article about Generation Jones women in November 2022, Keith wrote: “These women are part of what the Americans call ‘Generation Jones’; in the absence of another label, we may use that moniker here…as people born from 1956 to 1965…Gen-J are commonly included as ‘boomers’, but they are not true post-war baby boomers…Last decade, Gen-J recently constituted much of the political leadership in the world; think of people in the age group of Theresa May, Tony Abbott, Julia Gillard, Barrack Obama, John Key, and Boris Johnson…Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi are of the ‘lucky generation’ who parented the Joneses…Some Gen-J women will be amongst the most vulnerable to online financial scammers. Many women of this generation are not entirely comfortable in our increasingly on-line world…Gen-J, despite their extraordinary range of skills, are now a governed rather than a governing generation; and a very large generation. In twenty years time, who will care about, let alone care for, those women (mostly single women by then) now in their early sixties?”

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