Brendan Eich

Brendan Eich is one of the movers and shakers of the American high tech industry. He created the JavaScript programming language, co-founded the the Mozilla Foundation, and created the Firefox web browser. He served as Mozilla’s chief architect, and then its chief technical officer before becoming its CEO.

Brendan Eich on Gen Jones:
Born in 1961, Brendan is proud of his identity as a member of Generation Jones, and he’s publicly brought up Gen Jones several times. In November 2021, he tweeted to his over 200,000 Twitter followers: “Good news, I’m Generation Jones. I identified in the past as GenX. Main thing is to stay young at heart, even in a sometimes-awkward sense…”  He responded in December 2022 to some criticism of Boomers by saying: “Hey, I’m Gen Jones not Boomer, give me a pass ok! ;-)”

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Kate Bevan

Kate Bevin is a widely-respected British tech expert who has advised some of the most prominent tech companies in the world. Based in London, Kate has written about technology for The Guardian, The Financial Times, The Telegraph, The Times of London and People Magazine. She has appeared as a tech expert commentator on TV shows on networks like BBC, CNN and Sky News TV.

Kate Bevin on Gen Jones:
Born in 1963, Kate proudly views herself as a member of Generation Jones. She has brought up Gen Jones on TV, in her writing, and in social media. For example, in January 2021, she wrote: “There’s a sub-demographic called Generation Jones that I fall into, and fits those of us who were born later rather better”

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Les Davis

Les Davis is a much-acclaimed tech guru. He has written hundreds of articles about high tech for many major professional, trade and consumer magazines and newspapers. Les has been an expert guest on many national network broadcasts, including on CNN, NBC and CBS. He and his work have generated numerous news stories globally, which have been covered by many top media outlets, including the N.Y. Times, Newsday, Daily News, Fortune, Time Magazine, Playboy Magazine and Newsweek.

Les Davis on Gen Jones:
Les has brought up Generation Jones in various media interviews and on social media. In October 2020, he tweeted to his over 150,000 Twitter followers about an article titled: “How ‘Generation Jones’ Shaped Kamala Harris.”

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