Tom Tomorrow

Tom Tomorrow is the pen name of editorial cartoonist Dan Perkins. He and his influential weekly comic strip, This Modern World are widely-celebrated: “The sharpest strip currently going.” (The New York Review of Books), “One of the most clever and incisive political cartoons in the country.” (The Los Angeles Times), “I’ve been a huge fan of Mr. Tomorrow’s work since I was a wee lad” (Weird Al Yankovic), “All hail Tom Tomorrow!” (Michael Moore). Tom’s other work has appeared in publications including The New York Times, The New Yorker, Spin, Mother Jones, Esquire, The Economist, The Nation, and U.S. News and World Report.

Tom Tomorrow on Gen Jones:
Born in 1961, Tom has publicly identified as a member of Generation Jones multiple times. For example, in response to this Twitter post: “When younger folks call you a Boomer, do you flinch, because you were born later and had a very different experience from “leading edge” Boomers? Do you feel like you grew up JUST missing the party? #GenerationJones”, Tom tweeted in July 2022 to his over 100,000 Twitter followers a one word response: “Yep”

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Patch Zircher

Patch Zircher is one of the top American comic book writers and illustrators. He is best known for his work for Marvel Comics, where he has written and illustrated some of its most popular titles, including Black Panther, Captain America, Dr. Strange, Hulk and Thor. He’s also done work for DC Comics, including The Flash and Green Arrow. He is widely respected in his field and has received numerous prominent accolades from his peers.

Patch Zircher on Gen Jones:
Patch pushes back strongly against the traditional definiton of the Baby Boom Generation which included him. He passionately sees himself as part of Generation Jones, and has repeatedly brought up Gen Jones publicly. In April 2023, Patch wrote: “Pet peeve–being classified as a Boomer. The Baby Boom was a result of soldiers returning from WWII & Korea. I’m a Jones. Generation Jones were children during the sexual revolution of the 1960s and 1970s and were young adults when HIV/AIDS became a worldwide threat in the 1980s.” and further wrote: “Generation Jones kids watched the Jackson 5 and Fat Albert cartoons on Saturday mornings. That just didn’t exist for Boomers.”

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Kurt Busiek

Kurt Busiek is one of the preeminent comic book writers in the U.S. His 1993 series Marvels, which looked at the superheroic history of the Marvel Universe was a commercial and critical smash success that is now viewed as iconic. Since then, Kurt has written some of the top-selling comics in the world, including Wonder Woman, Spiderman, Vampirella, Mickey Mouse, Avengers, Iron Man, and Superman. Kurt has won over two dozen industry awards, including the most prestigious awards given in his field.

Kurt Busiek on Gen Jones:
Born in 1960, Kurt strongly connects to his identity as Generation Jones, and has publicly discussed Gen Jones numerous times. For example, in October 2021, he wrote about Gen Jones: “I love it. In part because the Boomers are the only generation defined by birth rate rather than cultural issues, which makes it worth dividing differently, but also, “Generation Jones” is just a great name.”

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