Nancy E. Hill

Nancy E. Hill is among the most nationally-celebrated psychologists in America. A Harvard Professor, she has been the recipient of many coveted awards and honors; notably, she was the 2019 winner of the  American Psychological Association’s prestigious Ernest R. Hilgard Award for Lifetime Contributions to Psychology. She has written for, and been written about in, numerous publications, including U.S. News & World Report, The Atlantic, The Boston Globe, and The New Yorker.

Nancy E. Hill on Gen Jones:
In her 2021 book “The End of Adolescence: The Lost Art of Delaying Adulthood,” Nancy discusses the relationships between Gen Z and their grandparents, who are largely from Generation Jones, including  an analysis of the key differences between Gen Z and Gen Jones.

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David Dunning

David Dunning is a nationally-acclaimed psychologist. A professor of psychology at Cornell University, he has also taught at Yale, the University of Michigan, and the University of Cologne (Germany). He has published over 135 scholarly journal articles, and he is President of the Society for the Study of Motivation. His work has been featured in numerous media outlets like the New York Times, U.S. News & World Report, NPR, and The CBS Early Show. His work has also been the subject of a critically-praised documentary, and was even mentioned in a Doonesbury cartoon.

David Dunning on Gen Jones:
David personally identifes as part of Gen Jones, and has discussed it publicly in various contexts. In reponse to the comment “This is what makes us Gen X.  We got Andy Gibb instead of Janis Joplin,” David said in December 2022: “I tend to think of us more as Generation Jones, still Boomers technically but late, more “Miss You” than “Satisfaction.”  In March 2020, he wrote about the long hold Baby Boomers have had on the American Presidency: “Two notes.  First, as a Gen Joneser (late boomer)\, I’m as ready to move on as everyone.  Second, if elected, Biden would be the first (and I assume the only) Silent Gen president.”

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Ellen Braaten

Ellen Braaten is one of the most respected psychologists in the U.S. A professor at Harvard Medical School, Ellen is the author of several bestselling psychology books, and is the editor of the the two classic reference books for clinicians in her field. She is a frequent media expert contributor, including for NBC News, CNN and The New York Times.

Ellen Braaten on Gen Jones:
Ellen identifies strongly as a member of Generation Jones, and has commented about different points in the Gen Jones life cycle. In July 2021, she wrote in response to a comment that Gen Jones starts in the mid-1950’s:  “Same! We couldn’t go to Woodstock with a baby sitter. That’s the cutoff.” In February 2022, she wrote: “We graduated from college, hoping for any sort of job without having had any of the fun of the boomers.” And she summed up the Gen Jones  life cycle when she wrote in July 2021: ““We are the people who watched the riots from each of the ends of our lives. In the middle we pretty much behaved ourselves.”

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Pam Jarvis

Pam Jarvis is among the most respected psychologists in the U.K. Her classic book Perspectives on Play has been translated into numerous languages and has been adopted as a set text in national teacher training programs. She has published several other critically-acclaimed books as well as numerous academic journal articles. She is a long-time Professor of Psychology, and she has delivered popular presentations about her work to a long list of  prestigious organizations. She was honored to be chosen as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the U.K.

Pam Jarvis on Gen Jones 

Pam identifies personally as part of Generation Jones, and has discussed Gen Jones publicly numerous times. In April 2023, she wrote: “I am horrified that the PMs of my ‘Generation Jones’ age group were Cameron, May& Johnson.” In July 2023, she wrote: “At the end of this month, I will glide into my mid-60s, a late baby boomer or ‘Generation Jones’ grandparent, who is very aware that I (or my parents) picked a good time for me to be born in the UK; long enough after World War II to miss post-war austerity and at the start of the golden age of the welfare state (free milk and orange juice for everyone). This came along with it a well-funded state education, an optimistic time for scientific advance and a progressive primary education set to a stellar 1960s soundtrack.”

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Christopher Dwyer

Christopher Dwyer is a widely-acclaimed Irish psychologist. He is a popular professor at the National University of Ireland. His book Critical Thinking: Conceptual Perspectives and Practical Guidelines was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017 to widespread praise, and is taught in Ireland as well as in England, Australia, the U.S. and Scotland. He writes a regular column in the most widely-read psychology magazine in the world: Psychology Today.

Christopher Dwyer on Gen Jones

While a member of Generation X himself, Christopher is interested in all the living generations. He has written about Generation Jones, and its role in contemporary society. In March 2023, Christopher wrote in Psychology Today: “…the Boomer generation is often broken down into two groups—one having come of age with the Vietnam War—”early Boomers”—and those who missed it—Generation Jones (i.e., 1955–1965).”

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