Philip Kotler

Philip Kotler is internationally celebrated as a legendary marketer, and is often referred to as “The Father of Modern Marketing” . He is the author of over 80 books, including his iconic Marketing Management, the most widely used marketing textbook in the world. He was invited to be the first “Legend in Marketing”, and was the first person to receive the “Leader in Marketing Thought” award voted on by the academic members of the American Marketing Association. The Financial Times surveyed 1,000 executives in 25 countries about the Most Influential Business Writers/Management Gurus, and Kotler ranked fourth after Peter Drucker, Bill Gates, and Jack Welch.

Philip Kotler on Gen Jones:
In his 2021 book Marketing 5.0: Technology for Humanity, Kotler discusses the unique marketing opportunities that the large, affluent and persuadable Generation Jones demographic currently represents to marketers.

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Marian Salzman

Marian Salzman is widely viewed as one of the top global marketers. She is the author of 16 marketing books, including Buzz, the first big business book on buzz marketing. She is one of the most-awarded female public relations executives in the world.  She has been in charge of marketing for some of the largest multinational communications firms in the world; for example, she was chief marketing officer at PR firm Porter Novelli, and currently leads Global Communications at Philip Morris International (PMI). She is also viewed as one of the world’s top trendspotters; among her many contributions is her popularization of the term “metrosexual.”

Marian Salzman on Gen Jones:
In a May 2021 Forbes article about Generation Jones, Marian wrote: “The 1969 moon landing remains a vivid memory…the event embedded within me an early realization that the unthinkable could be achieved. And, as the world begins its long slog to recovery post-Covid-19, that moonshot mindset is precisely what we need right now…Life-changing impressions such as the moon landing can occur in a nanosecond, helping to shape generational mindsets and behaviors. Only by segmenting generations can we identify links between people’s formative experiences and their values, viewpoints, and visions today…When I look at the visionaries at the vanguard of progress today, many bear the indelible marks of the summer of ’69 and the space age begun a decade earlier. I think of those in the second half of the Boomer cohort… who sit on the cusp between the older Boomers and Gen-X…members of Generation Jones…this group came of age with a moonshot mindset and the knowledge that big dreams can become big realities… more curious than rebellious. Many of the best-known were studious, cerebral, and bookish types—unconstrained by geographic borders. To them, nerds were the new rock stars. I don’t consider it a coincidence that Tim Berners-Lee, Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates were all born in 1955 and entered high school around the time Neil Armstrong left those historic footprints on the Sea of Tranquility…now rewriting the rules of the present. They are leading efforts to combat climate change, innovating to serve and protect consumers, conducting business through a more global, equitable, and inclusive lens, and collaborating to disrupt outdated status quos…the impact formative experiences such as the moon landing have had on the generation offers pathways of insight and connection. Only by understanding the unique set of commonalities that color each generational cohort can we provide products and services that resonate. This is especially critical in a time of pandemic and radical change—a time ripe with opportunities for marketers and visionaries to map the moonshots of the future.”

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Mara Einstein

Mara Einstein is a marketing legend who is widely-respected on both sides of the marketing-media equation. Her career has taken her from being a high-level executive at NBC and MTV Networks to positions at major advertising agencies, working on such accounts as Miller Lite, Uncle Ben’s, and Dole Foods. In recent years, she has written extensively about the marketing-media dynamic, in her several bestselling books, and for many top publications like the New York Times, BusinessWeek, the Wall Street Journal, Advertising Age, and the Harvard Business Review.

Mara Einstein on Gen Jones:
Mara was excited to discover she’s part of Generation Jones; as she wrote in September 2022: “I’ve never felt like I was part of the Baby Boom generation. Turns out I wasn’t. I’m part of Generation Jones. Who knew?” Since then, she’s been quick to point out Gen Jones when it’s not included. For example, when a discussion of generations didn’t include Generation Jones in April 2023, Mara immediately piped up: “Gen Jones, too”   She made a YouTube Video in August 2023 titled: “ What the heck is Gen Jones?”

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