Jenny Finney Boylan

Jennifer Finney Boylan is the author of 18 books, including her bestselling autobiography. She has appeared as a guest on many major TV talk shows, and has written for many leading publications, including as a long-time columnist for The New York Times. Jenny and her friend Caitlyn Jenner are among the most famous trans people in the world (and Jenny appeared often on Cait’s Keeping up with the Kardashians spin-off show called: I am Cait.

Jennifer Finney Boylan on Gen Jones:
In her June 2020 op-ed about Generation Jones in the New York Times, she wrote: “Were you more into punk than the Beatles? Were you less likely to protest the war than streak? You might be a Generation Joneser…We’re Generation Jones. It was a term I’d never heard before, although a quick internet search revealed that yes, Generation Jones is an actual thing. It refers to the second half of the baby boom, to a group of people born roughly from 1954 to 1965…We might be grouped with the baby boomers, but our formative experiences were profoundly different. If the zeitgeist of the boomers was optimism and revolution, the vibe of Gen Jones was cynicism and disappointment. Our formative years came in the wake of the 1973 oil shock, Watergate, the malaise of the Carter years and the Reagan recession of 1982. Above all, we resented the older boomers themselves — who we were convinced had things so much easier, and in whose shadow we’d been forced to spend our entire lives……if you identify more with punk, funk or disco than, say, Elvis, Buddy Holly or the Beatles, you’re a Joneser….Is “Leave It to Beaver” kind of a hazy memory, while “The Brady Bunch” is crystal clear? You’re a Joneser…Were you too young for the draft (which ended in 1973) but too old to have to register for it (starting in 1979)? Was there a time when you cared more about CB radio than Twitter? Did you wear Earth Shoes? Were you less likely to protest the war than to streak? Hello, Mr. Jones..Jonesers expected that as adults, we’d inherit the same wide-open sense of opportunity as our older brothers and sisters. But when those opportunities dried up, we became begrudgers instead — distrusting of government, nervous about change and fearful that creating opportunities for others would mean a diminishment of our own….But maybe not relating is what Generation Jonesers do best. Maybe. But I’m hoping that this tumultuous, traumatic spring is finally the time Generation Jones — and the rest of the country, too — embraces the idea of transformational change. It’s been 50 years now. Couldn’t 2020, at long last, be the year we end the 1970s? We’ll soon find out. Something’s happening here, and you don’t know what it is. Do you, Mr. Jones?”

[Over 600 readers wrote comments in response to this op-ed within 24 hours of its publication, most were Jonesers enthusiastically identitfying with Generation Jones]

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Dawn Ennis

Emmy-nominated Dawn Ennis writes a regular column for Forbes, hosts the RiseUP With Dawn Ennis talk show, and has won multiple awards for her journalism. She was the first transgender journalist to come out in network TV news. She and her story have been covered by many leading media outlets.

Dawn Ennis on Gen Jones:
When Dawn heard about Gen Jones in June 2020, she immediately and enthusiastically wrote: “It’s ME!”

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Helen Boyd

Helen Boyd is a very influential transgender activist. Her book My Husband Betty: Love, Sex, and Life With A Crossdresser is considered a classic in gender studies. She has written two other bestselling transgender-related books. She was named a 2020 Champion of Pride by The Advocate, a leading national voice on LGBTQ+ issues. She is a professor of gender studies at Lawrence University, and has lectured on this topic at numerous universities, including Cornell, Yale, and Columbia. She has appeared as a guest commentator on TV networks like CNN and NBC.

Helen Boyd on Gen Jones:
Though a Gen Xer herself, Helen has taken an interest in spreading awareness of Generation Jones, like here in January 2022 when she explained who Generation Jones is in a social media discussion.

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