Bonnie Greer

Bonnie Greer is a London-based British playwright, novelist, critic and broadcaster. She studied theatre with David Mamet and at the Actors Studio with Elia Kazan. She has written numerous award-winning plays and books. She appears regularly on national British TV as a commentator. She has served on the boards of several leading arts organizations, including the British Museum and the Royal Opera House. She was Chancellor of Kingston University.

Bonnie Greer on Gen Jones:
Bonnie has written and spoken about Generation Jones numerous times. Bonnie has repeatedly tweeted about Gen Jones to her over 100,000 Twitter followers. One of the topics about which Bonnie brings up Gen Jones is U.S. Vice-President Kamala Harris. Bonnie wrote in a July 2023 essay: “Kamala Harris, born in 1964, is considered Generation Jones.” Bonnie took a much more detailed look at this topic when she wrote a long essay in October 2020 specifically about US Vice Presidential Nominee Kamala Harris’ Generation Jones identity for the The New European: “The exchange in that debate revealed a great deal about the two of them, and also underlined something about Harris: she is 100% ‘Generation Jones’. This is the social cohort squeezed between the Baby Boomers and Generation X. And she is its sole representative in this race for the White House. Mike Pence – born only five years before Harris – might qualify on some technical definition of Gen Jones, but in every meaningful sense he is a Boomer, like his boss, Trump. I too am a Boomer…But while we teens were changing our hair to Afros, Kamalas and Baracks were born. Born of one black parent and one not black parent. They identified as black, looked it and talked it and walked it – but they were also comfortable in a world in which we black Baby Boomers were not: the white world. This is one of the markers that indicates to me that Harris is not Black Boomer, but Generation Jones… Barack Obama – three years older than Harris – is considered to be the exemplar…Another thing that marks out Gen Joneses, some say, is a sort of ‘everyman’ quality. They are said to have been born with the optimism, or desire for change, of the Boomers, but to have seen how long real change actually takes, their optimism more quickly leading to pragmatism. Gen Jones people live in the real world…But for me, one of the defining characteristics of Gen Jones – born, most suggest, from as early as 1954 until, all agree, 1965 – is a love of Prince, the singer – born, Prince Rogers Nelson in 1958. I am friends with a major cultural figure; as straight on the outside as can be. But he is a Prince devotee, an archivist on all things Prince and a killer expert on the Purple One’s B-sides. In this he is 100% Generation Jones…It is said that when news reached the world that His Purple Majesty had been found dead in his lift at Paisley Park in April, 2016, it hit Kamala Harris hard. Some say that she held a kind of wake, dancing to his tunes, remembering him. Many may see this as an affectation but actually this is a marker of the true Gen Jones…Exactly what does Prince stand for, a Boomer might ask. Answer: nothing but his music. He sang and preached ambiguity; a crossing of boundaries…Like him, she is at ease at crossing the line; shape-shifting; being more than one thing; self-correcting in full view. And being not quite perfect. We African American Baby Boomers had to be consistent and correct. African American Generation Jones does not. So she criticised Biden. And accepted his invitation to join him on the ticket. Yesterday is done. There is today and work to do.”

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Peter Jukes

Peter Jukes has written several wildly-popular TV shows for the BBC, including In Deep, Burn Out, Walking the Dead, and Sea of Souls. In  addition to their popularity with audiences, his scripts have generally received high praise from critics, including those from The Times, The Guardian, The Daily Telegraph and The Indepedent. Peter has also written several well-received books, as well as numerous articles for publications like Newsweek and The New Republic.

Peter Jukes on Gen Jones:
As a British member of Gen Jones, Peter has publicly compared UK and US generations, like here in November 2020, when he tweeted to his over 100,000 Twitter followers: “British and US boomers ALMOST congruent. In the US Obama (and myself) would be ‘Generation Jones’”

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Sylvie Payette

Sylvie Payette is an internationally influential French screenwriter. Raised in France and now living in Montreal, she has written several widely-popular French language TV series. Her iconic TV series Chambres en ville achieved exceptionally high ratings during its 1989 to 1996 run. She is also well-known for writing other popular TV series, including La Bonne Aventure, Des Dames de Cœur and Marylin.

Sylvie Payette on Gen Jones:
Sylvie strongly identifies as a member of Gen Jones, and she has often challenged social media posts which don’t include Gen Jones; for example, in August 2022, she responded to a generation chart which excluded Gen Jones by writing: “Moi je suis génération Jones… Je sais pas trop où me situer.” [TRANSLATION: I’m generation Jones… I’m not sure where to stand.] In February 2024, she wrote: “C’est ce que je dis toujours de ma génération aussi. C’est une nouvelle génération, appelée Jones. Elle est juste à la fin des baby boomers, mais nous n’avons pas eu les avantages qu’ils ont eus. Et ceux qui ont suivi, nous ont tassé de la route. Lol…  [Translation: That’s what I always say about my generation too. It’s a new generation, called Jones. She’s right at the end of the baby boomers, but we haven’t had the advantages they’ve had. And those who followed, pushed us out of the way. lol…]

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