The Journal of American Culture

Widely respected among cultural scholars, The Journal of American Culture combines studies of American literature, history, and the arts, with studies of popular culture, to produce analyses of American culture with a breadth and holism lacking in traditional American studies. It is published by The American Culture Association (ACA).

The Journal of American Culture on Gen Jones:
The Journal of American Culture issued a Call for Papers in June 2022, in which they invited scholars and academics to submit scholarly works about Generation Jones to be considered for inclusion in a future special themed issue of the journal.

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Contemporary Women’s Writing Journal

Contemporary Women’s Writing is a widely-acclaimed triannual academic journal, affiliated to the Contemporary Women’s Writing Association, which critically assesses writing by women authors who have published from approximately 1970 to the present. The journal is published by Oxford University Press.

Contemporary Women’s Writing on Gen Jones:
Contemporary Women’s Writing published a long academic essay in November 2021 titled: “Generation Jones, the Sixties, and The Invisible Circus,” written by the prominent Scottish academic Mark West. From the Abstract of the essay: “This essay examines The Invisible Circus’s depiction of the historical relationship to the sixties experienced by those born during it – dubbed “Generation Jones” by Jonathan Pontell. The first section examines how Jonesian temporality is defined by having “missed” the sixties and shows how the Jonesian protagonist Phoebe creates a compensatory historical fantasy of the period, inspired by her sister Faith, a hippie who died in 1970. The second section analyzes Egan’s dramatization of the historical relationship to the sixties of Phoebe and Wolf, a sixties veteran. The final section considers the novel alongside other Jones writing on the sixties, showing how it can be read as an exemplary Jones novel and how it might, unwittingly, offer a model for Jonesian reckonings with the sixties.”

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Ethics & International Affairs Journal

Ethics & International Affairs is a prestigious quarterly peer-reviewed academic journal covering ethical aspects of international relations. It was established in 1987 and is published by Cambridge University Press. It is the flagship publication of the Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs. The Carnegie Council for Ethics in International Affairs is a prominent American think tank founded in 1914 by Andrew Carnegie.

Ethics & International Affairs on Gen Jones:
Ethics & International Affairs has referenced Gen Jones multiple times, including here in August 2020: “President Barack Obama is more properly described as a member of “Generation Jones”—the last wave of the Boomers.”

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