Thomas Levenson

Thomas Levenson is a widely-respected TV producer and bestselling author. He has produced several award-winning series for PBS, including: Origins (which won the National Academies Communication Award), Building Big (which won the Peabody Award), and Eclipse of the Century (which won the Westinghouse Award). He has written six bestselling books, including the widely-influential books Money for Nothing and The Hunt for Vulcan.

Educated at Harvard, Thomas taught at Stanford, and is currently a professor at MIT. Thomas is a columnist for The Boston Globe’s Ideas section, and he contributes regularly to The Atlantic and other prominent publications.

Thomas Levenson on Gen Jones:
Thomas is a member of Generation Jones, and has publicly discussed it multiple times. For example, in a discussion about how Boomers, unlike Jonesers, often had the opportunity for free college, Thomas noted in August 2022: “Yes, UCB was not free when I, a Gen. Jones person, apparently, graduated from Berkeley High School (go Yellow Jackets!).”

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