Teresa Ghilarducci

Teresa Ghilarducci is a much acclaimed American economist. She has written several bestselling, award-winning and influential books about labor and retirement issues. She also publishes articles in some of the most prestigious journals in her field. She has testified before the U.S. Congress numerous times. She was a fellow at Harvard University, and a professor of economics at the University of Notre Dame for 25 years. Her work has been funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation, U.S. Department of Labor, Ford Foundation, and Retirement Research Foundation. She has often been interviewed by top media outlets, including The New York Times and PBS.

Teresa Ghilarducci on Gen Jones:
Born in 1957, Teresa proudly views herself as a member of Generation Jones. She has spoken publicly about Gen Jones multiple times. She was quoted in February 2023 in a long article about Generation Jones: “Combine 401(k) dependence with cuts to Social Security payments over the years, and you can see where aging members of Generation Jones could find themselves worse off than their parents, said economist Teresa Ghilarducci”

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