Sylvie Payette

Sylvie Payette is an internationally influential French screenwriter. Raised in France and now living in Montreal, she has written several widely-popular French language TV series. Her iconic TV series Chambres en ville achieved exceptionally high ratings during its 1989 to 1996 run. She is also well-known for writing other popular TV series, including La Bonne Aventure, Des Dames de Cœur and Marylin.

Sylvie Payette on Gen Jones:
Sylvie strongly identifies as a member of Gen Jones, and she has often challenged social media posts which don’t include Gen Jones; for example, in August 2022, she responded to a generation chart which excluded Gen Jones by writing: “Moi je suis génération Jones… Je sais pas trop où me situer.” [TRANSLATION: I’m generation Jones… I’m not sure where to stand.]

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