Susan Faludi

Susan Faludi is one of the world’s most iconic feminists. She is a Pulitzer-Prize winning journalist and the author of multiple bestselling books. Her work has appeared in many publications, including The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, The New Yorker and The Los Angeles Times. She is a Harvard University graduate and has taught there. Faludi wrote the widely influential 1991 book Backlash. In 2014, high-profile women such as journalists Jill Abramson and Katha Pollitt, actress/writer Lena Dunham, and feminist novelist Roxane Gay, among many others, reread each of the chapters of the book and examined their contemporary relevance. In September 2015, included Backlash among its list of “25 Bestsellers from the last 25 years you simply must make time to read.” Her bestselling 1999 book Stiffed analyzed the state of American men, primarily those from Generation Jones.

Susan Faludi on Gen Jones:
Faludi is quoted in the New York Times in June 2020 saying: “In a way, aren’t we all Generation Jonesers now, all still living in the unresolved rain shadow of the ’60s, still fighting the same issues, still shouting the same chants (‘What do we want?…’)?…I recognize the yearning/resenting description of that cohort. Personally, I’ve always been in the yearning category — a modern-day Miniver Cheevy, ‘born too late’ to be in the thick of the ’60s social justice movements, which I shamelessly romanticized. As a girl, I had, God help me, a suede fringe vest and a hippie doll that came with a sign that said ‘You Turn Me On!’”

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