Sophie Schmitt

Sophie Schmitt is a globally-respected French expert on aging markets. She is the founder and CEO of the well-known Paris-based Seniosphere Conseil, which “supports major organizations in the development of corporate & marketing strategies directed towards senior and baby boomer markets.” Among the world’s top institutes for the 50+ market, Seniosphere Conseil has a client list which includes some of the largest multinational corporations in the world. Sophie’s advice on these issues has been sought by companies ranging from McDonalds to Coca Cola to Nike. She has also appeared as a guest on various TV networks, including CNN and BBC, and is an expert for the European Commission.

Sophie Schmitt on Gen Jones:
Sophie recognizes the key differences between Generation Jones and traditional Baby Boomers, and has advised numerous corporations on how best to market to Jonesers vis-a-vis these differences. She has also brought up Gen Jones in interviews and on social media. For example, in January 2021, she wrote: “Les Baby Boomers, longtemps considérés comme un groupe homogène, diffèrent beaucoup en terme de phases de vie. Un exemple : la “génération Jones” est encore active et loin des stéréotypes des Boomers retraités qui profitent de la vie.” [Translation: The Baby Boomers, long considered a homogeneous group, differ a lot in terms of life phases. An example: “Generation Jones” is still active and far from the stereotypes of retired Boomers enjoying life.]

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