Richard Eisenberg

Richard Eisenberg is the Managing Director of PBS Next Avenue, which is a part of the PBS system that addresses the 50+ population. He was the Executive Editor of Money magazine and the front-page finance editor for Yahoo! He has written two widely-respected books, including How to Avoid a Midlife Financial Crisis.  He was selected for the prestigious 2022 Class of Encore Network Champions, who are honored for their commitment to ensuring that older adults are fully engaged and appreciated in all aspects of our society.

Richard Eisenberg on Gen Jones:
In August 2020, he wrote in Next Avenue: “Is presumptive Democratic vice presidential nominee Sen. Kamala Harris a boomer, a member of Generation X or part of Generation Jones? … Others say Harris is really more of a Generation Joneser, as is Barack Obama (age 59, born August 4, 1961)… a combination of the late or “trailing” boomers who were too young for Woodstock and the early Gen Xers who followed. Pontell says the birth years of Generation Jones go from 1954 to 1965…The name Generation Jones comes partly from the anonymity that the name Jones conveys and also from the slang word “jones” or “jonesing,” which describes a yearning or craving. By that reasoning, members of Generation Jones, who began their adult lives during the rough economic times of the 1970s and had shared the idealism of children of the ‘60s, “jonesed” for better breaks…”

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