Paul Buckberry

Paul Buckberry is a legendary Australian street musician who has long been influential in Australian grass roots culture & trends. He writes and performs mostly blues, country and folk songs. He has also performed througout Europe and North America.

Paul Buckberry on Gen Jones :
Paul passionately identifies as a member of Generation Jones, and resents the fact that for many years he was mistakenly referred to as a Baby Boomer. In February 2021, Paul released a song with video called “Generation Jones (as far as I’m concerned)” which speaks to his discomfort at being lumped in with Boomers. As Paul has said: “When the term “OK Boomer” is leveled at me I feel more confused than insulted. The song “Generation Jones (as far as I’m concerned)” is in part my rebuttal to being cast into a particular demographic that I refuse and have never felt in the least connected to.”

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