Pam Jarvis

Pam Jarvis is among the most respected psychologists in the U.K. Her classic book Perspectives on Play has been translated into numerous languages and has been adopted as a set text in national teacher training programs. She has published several other critically-acclaimed books as well as numerous academic journal articles. She is a long-time Professor of Psychology, and she has delivered popular presentations about her work to a long list of  prestigious organizations. She was honored to be chosen as a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy in the U.K.

Pam Jarvis on Gen Jones 

Pam identifies personally as part of Generation Jones, and has discussed Gen Jones publicly numerous times. In April 2023, she wrote: “I am horrified that the PMs of my ‘Generation Jones’ age group were Cameron, May& Johnson.” In July 2023, she wrote: “At the end of this month, I will glide into my mid-60s, a late baby boomer or ‘Generation Jones’ grandparent, who is very aware that I (or my parents) picked a good time for me to be born in the UK; long enough after World War II to miss post-war austerity and at the start of the golden age of the welfare state (free milk and orange juice for everyone). This came along with it a well-funded state education, an optimistic time for scientific advance and a progressive primary education set to a stellar 1960s soundtrack.” In February 2024, she wrote: “Boomers are a very small minority in school leadership now, the youngest are 60 this year if we take the classic 1945-1964 as the definer,& many retired early. If we accept the Gen Jones hypothesis, that would set the age even higher.  Generation Jones – Wikipedia”

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