Nora Lynch

Nora Lynch is a popular stand-up comic and comedy writer. She has appeared on-air as a stand-up comic many times on national TV, on shows including: VH1’s Standup Spotlight, A&E’s Comedy on the Road, VH1’s Fools for Love, MTV’s Standup Spotlight and HBO’s Ladies of the Night. She  has written for all the major U.S. broadcast networks – ABC, NBC, CBS & FOX – as well as major cable networks. Some of the TV shows she has written for are: Caroline in the City, Union Square,  Something’s Gotta Give, Strip Mall,  Zoe, Duncan, Jack & Jane, Life’s Work, and Viva Las Vegas.

Nora Lynch on Gen Jones:
Nora identifies with her membership in Generation Jones, and has brought up Gen Jones publicly in several different contexts. For example, in August 2020, she wrote: “This Generation Jones is what I identify with, myself. I always felt more cultural affinity to X than BB – even though my birth year is considered BB.” and in February 2021, she wrote: “I’m the opposite. Technically, I’m a boomer. But… Generation Jones, here.”

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