Jim O’Shaughnessy

Jim O’Shaughnessy is the author of several bestselling books on investing. His widely-influential book What Works on Wall Street is considered a classic and is a Business Week and New York Times Business bestseller. Jim is the founder, chairman, and chief investment officer of the extremely successful O’Shaughnessy Asset Management firm. He has been recognized as a “Legendary Investor” by Forbes.

Jim O’Shaughnessy on Gen Jones:
Born in 1960, Jim identifies strongly with Generation Jones and has brought it up multiple times publicly, like here when he tweeted to his over 150,000 Twitter followers in March 2020: “Demographer Jonathan Pontell has distinguished people like me (born 1960) from the “real baby boomers”… born between 1946-1958. Through surveys, etc. he found that the two groups have virtually nothing in common… the name he gave my sub-set… Generation Jones…lots of interesting things that separate the two groups.” He tweeted in September 2023: I was born in the “in-between” zone of Boomers to Gen-X that demographer Jonathan Pontell insists should be treated as a mini-gen he dubbed “Generation Jones”

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