Hermawan Kartajaya

Hermawan Kartajaya is a globally-esteemed Indonesian expert on retailing and marketing. He has developed special expertise in retailing which has made him a sought-after retail advisor to some of the world’s largest retailers. Hermawan was named by the United Kingdom’s Chartered Institute of Marketing on their list of “50 Gurus Who Have Shaped the Future of Marketing.” He is President of the Indonesia Council for Small Business. He provides expert analysis on retailing and marketing on various international TV networks, and has written several bestselling books about these topics.

Hermawan Kartajaya on Gen Jones:
Hermawan has spoken and written about the importance of targeting Generation Jones consumers, paying close attention to their own specific background, experiences, and consumer behavior. In his 2023 book Entrepreneurial Marketing, Hermawan writes about why Gen Jones represents such a lucrative opportunity for retailers and marketers, in part because of the unique current persuadability of Gen Jones customers.

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