George Anderson

George Anderson is one of the preeminent experts on retailing in the U.S. He is often interviewed about his retail expertise on major media outlets like NPR, CNN and Wall Street Journal Radio. He has held senior management positions at top international retailers. He is the editor-in-chief of RetailWire – retailing’s largest online discussion forum. Each day, its editors post timely retail topics for the commentary of its RetailWire BrainTrust panel of industry experts. The results are virtual round tables of industry opinion and advice covering trends and issues affecting the retailing industry. Over two-thirds of RetailWire’s readers are in top executive or senior management positions, representing a broad cross section of retail channels and the companies that supply them.

George Anderson on Gen Jones:
In 2022, RetailWire’s team determined that the retail industry is not focused enough on understanding Generation Jones consumers. George wrote an essay in December 2022 about Gen Jones titled “Are retailers failing to keep up with the Joneses?” Excerpt: “One thing is certain. Marketing to early or late Boomers in the same manner is likely to fall on a large number of deaf ears. That’s a big mistake considering that Boomers as a total group have an estimated $70 trillion in household wealth, according to the Federal Reserve…Late Boomers (AKA Generation Jones) were kids in the sixties and teens in the seventies when they saw the end of the Vietnam War and the draft, the disgrace of President Nixon, the energy crisis, the Munich massacre and Three Mile Island…No demographic group is monolithic, and this is particularly true of Baby Boomers whose generation stretches nearly 20 years (1946 – 1964).

Along with Anderson’s essay, RetailWire posted this Instant Poll: “Do you agree that most retailers fail to effectively market to classic Boomers and Generation Jones based on their lifestyle differences?” and discussion questions, including: “Do marketers fail to consider the differences between early or classic Boomers and Generation Jones?”

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