Ellen Braaten

Ellen Braaten is one of the most respected psychologists in the U.S. A professor at Harvard Medical School, Ellen is the author of several bestselling psychology books, and is the editor of the the two classic reference books for clinicians in her field. She is a frequent media expert contributor, including for NBC News, CNN and The New York Times.

Ellen Braaten on Gen Jones:
Ellen identifies strongly as a member of Generation Jones, and has commented about different points in the Gen Jones life cycle. In July 2021, she wrote in response to a comment that Gen Jones starts in the mid-1950’s:  “Same! We couldn’t go to Woodstock with a baby sitter. That’s the cutoff.” In February 2022, she wrote: “We graduated from college, hoping for any sort of job without having had any of the fun of the boomers.” And she summed up the Gen Jones  life cycle when she wrote in July 2021: ““We are the people who watched the riots from each of the ends of our lives. In the middle we pretty much behaved ourselves.”

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