Doris Egan

Doris Egan is a TV producer who has played a large role in the success of several popular American TV shows. The list of shows that she has produced is long and impressive, and includes: Smallville, NCIS, Dark Angel, The Good Doctor, Torchwood, House, Early Edition, Swamp Thing, Krypton, Mars Project, Krypton, Black Sails and The Agency. She is also a writer, who has written many TV scripts, as well as six popular novels.

Doris Egan on Gen Jones:
Born in 1955, Doris embraces her Gen Jones identity. For example, she wrote here in November 2020: “Generation Jones — the latter Boomers born too late for the upheavals of the late 60s, almost nudging into X territory. I’m in that cohort.”

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