David Shorr

David Shorr is a widely-respected political consultant and strategist. He has been involved in many successful political campaigns from the national to local level. He has also been brought in to advise numerous high-profile organizations, from the Hewlett Foundation to Refugees International. David’s work has been singled out for high praise by many political players, from Joe Scarborough on MSNBC’s Morning Joe, to some of the top political publications in the U.S.

David Shorr on Gen Jones:
David has brought up Generation Jones many times in media interviews and on social media (e.g. he’s tweeted about Gen Jones over 25 separate times between 2020 – 2023). For example, he has commented often about Gen Jones pop culture, like here in February 2022, when he wrote in relation to the Super Bowl: “So a GenJones halftime show would feature… Girls Just Want to Have Fun,  We Are Family, Walk This Way,  Closing with, oh right, Purple Rain” and here in October 2020 when he wrote: “David Byrne + Spike Lee. If that isn’t a for-the-jugular appeal to GenJones sensibilities, I don’t know what is  ; )” and here in November 2021 when he wrote: “I’ll cop to the fact that we have too many Alex Keatons, Sean Hannitys, Ann Coulters, and Roger Clemenses among my GenJones peers.”

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