Dave Graney

Dave Graney is a legendary Australian rock musician, singer-songwriter and author. He has won numerous ARIA Awards (Australian equivalent of U.S. Grammy Awards) and has been inducted into the Australian Music Hall Of Fame. In 2015, Dave was honored as a Living Legend and a five-hour concert was held with many prominent musicians paying tribute to him by playing his songs. Dave is also the author of five books, is the host of a popular national Australian radio show, and writes a monthly column for the Melbourne Review.

Dave Graney on Gen Jones:
Dave has been an enthusiastic supporter of Generation Jones for several years, and has written/spoken publicly about Gen Jones numerous times. When he is called, or even implied to be, a Boomer, he often immediately corrects that, like here in June 2022: “Just by the way – Im not a Boomer, I’m Generation Jones.”  Dave is very fond of the Gen Jones moniker, and has discussed its meaning, like here in May 2021, when he explains the slang word “jones” connotation of Gen Jones: “Its in lots of songs. “I got a Love Jones” etc. Derives from heroin habit ref. I’m Jones ‘splaining here…I got a splainin jones!”

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