Craig Seymour

Craig Seymour is a widely-respected journalist who has been writing about music—mostly black music—for over 20 years. He is proudly gay and has made his “gayness” a key part of his public persona. He is the author of several popular books, most notably his critically-acclaimed biography Luther: The Life and Longing of Luther Vandross. His journalistic research materials are housed as “The Craig Seymour Collection” at Indiana University’s Archives of African American Music and Culture.

Craig Seymour on Gen Jones:
Craig is so proud of his Gen Jones identity that “Generation Jones” is the first description of himself that he includes in some of his social media profile bios. He also brings up Gen Jones publicly in various situations, like here in July 2021: “I knew I never felt like Gen X…Jonesers are kids of the 60s, formed in idealism. But we came of age during the worsening economy of the ’70s…the KEY difference between Gen X and Gen Jones is that X’ers didn’t have the ’60s at all.”

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