Christopher Dwyer

Christopher Dwyer is a widely-acclaimed Irish psychologist. He is a popular professor at the National University of Ireland. His book Critical Thinking: Conceptual Perspectives and Practical Guidelines was published by Cambridge University Press in 2017 to widespread praise, and is taught in Ireland as well as in England, Australia, the U.S. and Scotland. He writes a regular column in the most widely-read psychology magazine in the world: Psychology Today.

Christopher Dwyer on Gen Jones

While a member of Generation X himself, Christopher is interested in all the living generations. He has written about Generation Jones, and its role in contemporary society. In March 2023, Christopher wrote in Psychology Today: “…the Boomer generation is often broken down into two groups—one having come of age with the Vietnam War—”early Boomers”—and those who missed it—Generation Jones (i.e., 1955–1965).”

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