Bill Scher

Bill Scher is is a prominent American political pundit and writer. Early in his career, he was a regular commentator for Air America Radio’s The Majority Report hosted by Sam Seder and Janeane Garofalo. Since then, he has frequently appeared as a political pundit on the major TV talk networks, especially on MSNBC, CNN and PBS. He also writes about politics; in addition to his bestselling books, he regularly writes for Politico, RealClearPolitics, and The Washington Post. His 2012 op-ed in The New York Times about liberals and corporate power received major national attention.

Bill Scher on Gen Jones:
Bill is a GenXer, but has an avid interest in the political influence of Generation Jones. He has publicly brought up Gen Jones in various contexts, like here in response to a discussion about early college political activism, he wrote in July 2022: “Clear sign of Generation Jones”

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