Beki Brindle

Beki Brindle has been a celebrated lead guitarist since the 1970’s, and has performed with many greats, like Jerry Lee Lewis and John Sebastian. She is the lead guitarist and vocalist for the classic band, Grace Pool, and has appeared in their popular MTV videos. She has been the receipient of many prestigious music awards and honors, incuding membership in the Blues Hall of Fame.

Beki Brindle on Gen Jones :
Beki passionately identifies as part of Gen Jones, and has publicly brought up Gen Jones many times. In a discussion about John Lennon’s death, Beki wrote here in December 2020: “I remember where I was..  40 years ago .. it was Gen Jones’/X’s JFK, I was told the next day… I felt my soul crushed .. it felt like the world would never return to normal. It didn’t…” Beki has brought up Gen Jones in the context of various issues in the news, like here in February 2023, when she expressed her frustration at the prospect of Gen Jones not getting its fair share of retirement funds: “ Hey #SocialSecurity . thanks for screwing over the happily married 4 many years #generationjones people. We can’t collect 1/2 spouse’s SS while ours matures as the #boomers did! I guess it’s just not there for us!  Pay in & work ’til death.  #retirement”

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