Barbara “Bobbie” Spellman

Barbara (“Bobbie”) Spellman is a  widely-respected professor of law at the University of Virginia. With her PhD in psychology in addition to her law degree, she teaches evidence and various courses on the intersection of psychology and law. A prolific writer and researcher, she has over 7500 citations. Her expertise is so respected by her peers that she was chosen to edit a special issue of the prestigious Psychonomic Bulletin & Review (2010) on emerging trends in psychology and law research. Her work is extensively covered by prominent publications, including The Washington Post and Wall Street Journal.

Barbara (“Bobbie”) Spellman on Gen Jones:
Born in 1956, Bobbie proudly self-idenities as a Gen Joneser, and has written and spoken publicly about Gen Jones several times, like here in November 2020 when she wrote: “Kamala and Barack are “generation Jones” — not true boomers.  We’re different.  Check it out”

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