About Gen Jones & this Website

What is Generation Jones?

Generation Jones is the generation between the Baby Boom Generation and Generation X. Most experts use the birth years 1954-1965 for Gen Jones, but that varies, particularly depending on the country. Generation Jones was originally included with the Baby Boom Generation, because both cohorts shared unusually populous birth years. But over time, considerable research has clearly shown that their collective personalities/attitudes/values are often dramatically different. As a result, a consensus has been emerging among sociologists and other generation experts that Jonesers comprise a separate generation from Boomers and Xers

Why the name “Generation Jones”?

Generation Jones is a moniker that is rich with connotations that fit this generation. Here are some of the main ones:

  • As teens in the 1970’s, this generation widely popularized the slang term “jonesin’ ” (strong craving). And beyond the term itself, the concept resonates for this cohort who was given huge expectations as children in the 1960’s, but then confronted with a very different reality as they came of age in the 1970’s. Unfulfilled expectations left this generation with a jonesin’ quality at the core of its collective personality.
  • Long invisible in the shadow of the Boomers, this has been a large anonymous generation, as this moniker connotes.
  • This generation is widely credited with popularizing the postmodern sense of irony which gives “Jones” its generic cool.
  • This generation’s extemely populous birth years created a certain competitive “keeping up with the Joneses” experience.
  • While Boomers are often perceived as idealistic, and Xers as cynical, this generation in-between has a more centered “Jones” flavor.

And it sounds good: It’s alliterative, it sounds cool, it rolls off the tongue.


[The term “Generation Jones” was coined by cultural commentator Jonathan Pontell]

Why does it matter that so many Thought Leaders
are now using the term “Generation Jones”?

Because when many thought leaders start using a term at around the same time, that term often is on the brink of tipping point. In fact,this thought leaderphenomenom tends to be one of the best predictive indicators that a term is about to tip over into becoming a household term.This crucial role of thought leaders is well-established among experts who study how trends and memes gain traction. The typical pattern is that when many Thought Leaders (also known as “Key Opinion Leaders”) concurrently start using a term, the usage of that term then explodes exponentialy among the public generally. What we’ve beein witnessing with thought leader usage of the terms “Generation Jones” and “Gen Jones” since 2020 clearly fits this pattern.

How were the Thought Leaders selected for this site?

We carefully considered over 350 prominent thought leaders who have spoken about Gen Jones since 2020, and selected those who help reflect the wide diversity of perspectives. There are so many prominent people talking about Gen Jones recently that we are actually able to put them into categories, sometimes even quite narrow niche categories ( e.g European Dramatists). While this website is admittedly U.S.-centric, we’ve also included many thought leaders from other countries, to illustrate how much Gen Jones has already spread internationally. We’ve selected thought leaders from a broad range of fields, from serious scholars to comedians. Many of those included in this site are at the top levels of their professions. In choosing the thought leaders on this site, we’ve aimed to provide many different, thought-provoking, perspectives on Generation Jones.

What is The Jones Squad?

We’re individuals who are connected by our passionate interest in Generation Jones. Our formation happened organically; we each had noticed during the Covid-19 pandemic that there seemed to be a sudden surge in interest in Gen Jones. This led to a series of conversations, and we concluded that it was important to spread awareness about all this recent buzz about Gen Jones. We are not paid for any of our work with this; we’ve done it because we think Gen Jones matters. If you’d like to be involved, please contact us at TheJonesSquad@GenJones.net

Who is “Mr. Jones” (Jonathan Pontell)?

The cultural commentator Jonathan Pontell is the person who identifed the existence of, and coined the term for, Generation Jones. Since then, he has produced an extensive amount of data and analysis about, and tirelessly spread awareness of, our heretofore lost generation. He is widely considered the global authority on Generation Jones (he’s called “Mr. Jones” for good reason). Big shout out to Jonathan for all the help he graciously gave The JoneSquad with this website. His knowledge about Gen Jones is encyclopedic, and he articulates it extraordinarily well (as those who have seen him do commentary on TV, or deliver one of his iconic Gen Jones keynote speeches, are aware).

Why is everything on this website only since 2020?

The Generation Jones concept and name had already been introduced prior to 2020, but all the references to Gen Jones on this website – from media articles to social media discussions to on-air broadcast interviews – are since 2020. We believe the significant buzz about Gen Jones in the early 2020’s is meaningful, and worthy of our focus. One of the outcomes we hope this focus brings is greater awareness of the recent surge of interest in Gen Jones. Many people, as they lead their busy lives, aren’t aware that there has been so much recent high profile interest in Gen Jones. This kind of buzz can feel under the radar. For example, references on social media generally don’t appear in search engine results. thought leader buzz is more qualitative than quantitative. We hope this website helps increase awareness of this consequential development.

Who else besides individual Thought Leaders
are contributing to this 2020’s Gen Jones Buzz?

This website focuses on individual prominent Thought Leaders.
But there are also other individuals, organizations and
publications contributing to the Gen Jones 2020s Buzz.

Here is a small taste/sampling of that:

Top Publications Discuss Gen Jones

Here are just a few examples of top publications which have discussed Gen Jones since 2020.
Click here for a sampling of excerpts from articles in these and other top publications.

Top Global Corporations Target
Gen Jones Consumers & Employees

Many businesses have discovered the lucrative value of specifically targeting Generation Jones consumers. Gen Jones is a large, affluent, and persuadable segment of the population, with its own unique consumer behavior. Businesses have also found value in understanding the differences between Gen Jones employees and their employees from other generations.

Here are just a few of the top global corporations which have – since 2020 – invested resources into specifically targeting Generation Jones consumers and/or employees:

Example of how Top Global Corporations Target Gen Jones:

Deloitte (annual revenues over $50 billion) decided in 2021 to invest resources into better understanding Generation Jones employees and consumers. Deloitte conducted surveys, analyzed client’s data about Gen Jones, did a generational comparative analysis of Gen Jones, and conducted an international study comparing Gen Jones in nine countries.

As part of their in-depth study of Gen Jones, Deloitte created an illustrated series of tiles comparing Gen Jones to other generations, which Deloitte then tweeted out to the public.
A couple of those tiles are here to the left and right.

Creative Gen Jones Initiatives

Jonesing for Prosperity

Peneguy’s funny & smart mock
Gen Jones Halloween Costume

The “Jonesing for Prosperity” project is spearheaded by a talented Wisconsinite named Teresa Bryan Peneguy.
Teresa has helped spread awareness of Generation Jones through her skillful use of words and images.
Since 2021, she has been creating an extensive series of Gen Jones images and videos which detail the history,
and celebrate the pop culture, of Gen Jones. She regularly distributes these via her various social media accounts,
and they will be part of a new Gen Jones website she is constructing. She also runs the largest Gen Jones Facebook group.

Creative Conversations with Generation Jones

Creative Conversations with Generation Jones is a fun and funny unique podcast that celebrates the creativity of Gen Jones. It was launched in March 2022 by broadcast producer Mria Dangerfield and artist Stephanie Kaskel Bogle. In each episode, the two hosts interview (and share cocktails with) Gen Jones artists, musicians, actors and other creatives.


Numerous books published since 2020 have included references, sections, and chapters about Generation Jones. These books range in subject from psychology to business to sociology to pop culture. Here are just some of the books published just in 2021 which include Gen Jones: