Gen Jones on the brink of Tipping Point

Many influential thought leaders are now talkin’ ‘bout Generation Jones (between Boom & X)
When many thought leaders concurrently start using a term, that term is often on the brink of tipping point
Climb aboard; the Gen Jones bandwagon is taking off...

Thought Leaders’ Views about Gen Jones

This website features perspectives about Gen Jones from over 100 prominent thought leaders, all since 2020
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Publications Discussing Gen Jones in the 2020’s

This website focuses on individual people, but it’s also worth noting
that many prominent publications are discussing Gen Jones recently.
Below are just a few of many examples, chosen to reflect the diversity of publications:

June 23, 2020

This full column about Gen Jones is filled with insightful prose, like: “If the zeitgeist of the boomers was optimism and revolution, the vibe of Gen Jones was cynicism and disappointment.”

July 12, 2023

Article about U.S. Leadership in influential European weekly magazine: “Vice President Kamala Harris, born in 1964, is considered Generation Jones”

February 23, 2023

Long feature article about Gen Jones: “Barack Obama once declared himself "the first Generation Jones president”…“political analysts say many Jonesers are swing voters vigorously courted by both parties.”

May 6, 2021

Long article about Gen Jones: “...members of Generation Jones...more curious than rebellious. Many of the best-known were studious, cerebral, and bookish types--unconstrained by geographic borders.”

March 13, 2023

Article about generations: “...the Boomer generation is often broken down into two groups--one having come of age with the Vietnam War--"early Boomers"--and those who missed it--Generation Jones.”

July 28, 2022

Article about streaming media: “...I still buy DVDs. That’s my Generation Jones fondness for ownership, and my own hoarding instinct, but there’s something else at play.

October 7, 2020

Long piece originally titled: ‘How Generation Jones Shaped Kamala Harris’: “As a Generation Joneser, she’s the Jan Brady of American politics,the perpetual middle child…”

June 20, 2021

In NYT humor column, a reader asks that his son be orderd to call him Gen Jones, not Boomer. NYT response: “OK, Joneser. I’ll order your teen to call you by your name.”

July 10, 2023

Article about Social Security: “Boomers are better classified into two distinct groups… Generation Jones were born between 1955- 1964 and are currently 59-68.”

January 10, 2023

Article about ecology in widely-read European weekly newspaper: “It wasn’t clear what generation the grandparent came from, but either Baby Boomers or Generation Jones”

March 23, 2022

Article about comedian Jeff Foxworthy: “Foxworthy...may identify as a late baby boomer or Generation Jones…”

December 15, 2021

In an essay about Christmas TV specials: “I just turned 61 years old, and people my age know what that means at Christmas. I mean, of course, that my age makes me a member of Generation Jones, a child of the late 1960s & early 1970s...”

September 28, 2022

Article about political leadership: “The social commentator Jonathan Pontell said Obama told him back in 2007 that he identified with what's known as ‘Generation Jones’"

November 13, 2022

Article about Prince: “...his inscrutability has posthumously transformed him into a purple Rorschach blot for the late boomer/early Gen X cohort sometimes known as Generation Jones.”

July 13, 2023

Film review: “Generation Jones — the kids who missed hippiedom by a few years but still absorbed the countercultural idealism.”

July 28, 2022

Article in the top US auto magazine: “the typical Generation Jones baby boomer--old enough to rem-ember these cars when they were new, but too young to have participated in the muscle car revolution”

January 13, 2021

In a piece looking at Kamala Harris’ generational identity, WaPo noted: “Some people insist Harris belongs to a group that straddles the boomers and the Gen Xers, called Generation Jones.”

February 17, 2023

Article in iconic old (1856) newspaper: “The fact that I drink much less than he did is likely a gener-ational thing; he of the silent generation and I born in the last year of the baby boom/Generation Jones cusp.”

Featured Thought Leaders
Autumn 2023


Actress Ann Cusack debuted in 2023 her blues
band “Ann Cusack & The Generation Jones Band”

Ann Cusack

Ann Cusack is an actress who has appeared in over 25 major feature films [Sully, A League of Their Own (she was Shirley Baker!)], and many network TV shows (Better Call Saul, Grey’s Anatomy). She is one of the Cusack acting siblings [bro John Cusack (Say Anything), sis Joan Cusack (Working Girl)]. Born in 1961, Ann so enthusiastically identities as Gen Jones that she named her new (debuted in 2023) blues band: “Ann Cusack & The Generation Jones Band”


Influential economist Mark Zandi often
testifies in front of U.S. Congress

Mark Zandi

Mark Zandi is an influential economist who is has often appeared as a guest on CBS’ Face the Nation and NBC’s Meet the Press as well as numerous other shows on networks including CNBC, CNN, Fox Business and NPR. Born in 1959, Mark identifies as part of Generation Jones, and has brought up Gen Jones in various interviews. For example, he was quoted in 2023 saying that youthful pragmatism “helped much of Generation Jones do quite well financially”


Tom Nichols appears regularly on TV,
including CNN, MSNBC & BBC

Tom Nichols

Tom Nichols is a widely-respected thinker whose storied career includes: Harvard professor, USA Today columnist, and author of multiple bestselling books. Born in 1960, Tom connects strongly with, and has often publicly referenced, Generation Jones. He’s written about Gen Jones in publications like The Atlantic. He’s tweeted about Gen Jones dozens of separate times to his over 600,000 Twitter followers, like in 2023 when he tweeted: “Gen Jones…we’re clearly different from the Boomers.”


Feminist icons Susan Faludi (left) and
Gloria Steinem on cover of Time

Susan Faludi

Susan Faludi is an iconic feminist whose voice has been extraordinarily influential. She is a Pulitzer Prize-winning author of multiple bestselling books. Born in 1959, Susan relates staunchly with Gen Jones. She is quoted recently in The New York Times: “In a way, aren’t we all Generation Jonesers now, all still living in the unresolved rain shadow of the ’60s…I recognize the yearning/resenting description of that cohort. Personally, I’ve always been in the yearning category…”